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Thursday, April 24, 2014

[News] Sony Is Apparently Going To Sell All Of Its Shares In Square Enix

Apparently Sony is going to sell its 9.5 billion shares in Square Enix, totaling to an amount of 47 million dollars. Which honestly, isn’t a lot, in my opinion and Final Fantasy has been going downhill for quite a number of years, probably since FF11(Final Fantasy 11) which was their first MMORPG, which was a total flop to a lot of people.
Sony announced this today in a Japanese news release, which was translated by the Wall Street Journal. This amount of shares also translates to 4.8 billion yen. The Wall Street Journal mentions that Sony had 8.2% ownership of Square Enix in stocks! That’s quite a bit.
In the last year, it seems Sony has been having some troubles. Sony has sold major office buildings, important to Sony, and they’ve laid off thousands of employees, and they’ve even sold their PC section as a means to make a profit. I always thought Sony was doing really, really good, being that Final Fantasy is based on Playstation systems of course. Always thought those two companies really had something going on. But I guess not, and I guess Sony’s going down the tube?
Will we see a PS5? Who knows, at this point, with this news.
Sony invested in Square Enix in the early 2000′s, and they’ve been buying shares ever since. Sad to see them part, really.
Square Enix on the other hand has really been just… not good with their games, lately. With the release of FF:ARR and FF15 on the way, and FF13 along with the sequel to 13, 13-2 and then Lightning Returns, it’s been a shit few years for them, pardon the language. They really need to get back to their roots and make some decent video games again. I liked ARR and 13, but 10X2 was definitely good to me in my opinion, and of course there’s the ever famous X (10), and 7. Can’t be bothered with Roman numerals I don’t know.
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Also a link to FFXIV: ARR:
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And the 3 FF13 games if you’re interested (Personally I thought the storyline was pretty good, but that’s all I play the FF games for is the storyline, really.):

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