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Monday, June 20, 2016

[Random] Small Rant: Turtle Rock at work on new IP. I'm not convinced.

Fuck Evolve and L4D and anything else in that vein of games. Evolved was THE grindiest piece of crap game I've ever played in my life that was NOT fun because the Beast won 99% of the time because of AFKers and incompetent players, and L4D is a BORING game with no unlocks and just random hordes of zombies and shit. I remember getting the first L4D with my buddy and let me tell you we were psyched for that shit. After one day of playing we played it for a few hours the next day and then did some other stuff instead of playing.

This dev studio needs to take some tips from other games releasing this year before they release some more garbage. I got L4D2 for FREE and still won't touch that shit. I got into the Evolve BETA AND got the game for free and it's still crap.

This studio is the most disappointing people. I'd rather play in Photoshop and have more fun than ANYTHING from this studio. Fuck not even Photoshop, PAINT.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CDPR saying Farewell to Witcher fans.

At the end of The Witcher 3's Blood & Wine expansion, there is a screen that reads this:

It reads:

"Phew, that's a lot of people, right?"

"So, now that we've been properly introduced, we'd like to thank you one last time."

"Blood & Wine is the end of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We wanted to call it "Sweat and Tears" or "Damn We'll Miss This," but we couldn't. However, as a studio, we've already embarked on other adventures (we promise you'll hear about them soon!), and Geralt will always have a special place in our hearts. And we hope he'll have a special place in yours."

"Thank you for playing, thank you for supporting us, and thank you for spending your hard earned money on our game."

"We hope you had fun."



I haven't gotten to play the Blood & Wine expansion yet, or the first DLC for that matter, but holy cow this game. I played through the game twice (Not even NG+! Just started a new game again for the fun of it) and I don't regret anything about buying this game. In fact, I may do a more in-depth review of the game or the game's story in the far flung future whenever I get a chance to sit down and do it. But reading that image made me feel so empty inside. Like... when you beat a game and realize that, that's it. It's done. There's no more gameplay or story to be had, you've experienced all of it. And it's just... it makes you feel proud that there's a company out there who is able to stick to their guns and really let the people of the world know that there are still good game developers out there who stay true to their visions for a game, and don't let the vocal masses on the internet sway them.

I feel like I want to cry so badly. That such a good game could be over. I just want to to go on forever, but it can't, of course. I want to mourn the loss of development for such an epic game. And I know people use epic in bad ways, but this game truly deserves the title of "Epic game".

You guys at CDPR are fucking awesome and I will be purchasing anything you guys ever make as soon as possible. I'm just one person out of billions on the planet, but you have one more eternal fan and I hope that means something, just a little bit. Love you guys, you're the best.

And I urge anyone who hasn't picked up at least The Witcher 3 to buy it, along with The Witcher 1 and The Witcher 2. If there was ever a studio that deserved your money, this is the one studio that does, 100% of the time, no doubts about it.

There will never be any other games as good as The Witcher games, and I feel like CDPR has set an unreachable bar for any game development team out there. Nobody will be as good as the CDPR team and that's something they should be damn proud of.

Original Article and Photo from PCGamer: