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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

7 Days to Die breaks concurrent player record!

So recently the newest update for 7 Days to Die came out, Alpha 15.

It's a pretty good update, a lot of bugfixes and some mechanic changes, as well as a lot of recipe changes, making the game slightly harder. This was ONLY on PC however, as I found out The Fun Pimps actually sold their IP to another company to put the game on consoles. I can only assume they're getting royalties from it, which they really deserve for making such a good game.

However, I did find out today that at one point over this last weekend (October 7th - 9th I guess) there were about 22,500 concurrent players of 7DTD and made it into the top 20 on Steam's charts. Hopefully this made more people take notice of the game and pick it up.

Btw, if anyone's got a really active server with a community that works together, I'd love to join. Steam tag is Setari666 on Steam with the panda with guns image.

But yeah, I thought this was really cool and I wish The Fun Pimps much more success with their game and hope they don't ditch it in lieu of another project, I'll say that much. Like a lot of other developers -_-.

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