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Monday, June 20, 2016

[Random] Small Rant: Turtle Rock at work on new IP. I'm not convinced.

Fuck Evolve and L4D and anything else in that vein of games. Evolved was THE grindiest piece of crap game I've ever played in my life that was NOT fun because the Beast won 99% of the time because of AFKers and incompetent players, and L4D is a BORING game with no unlocks and just random hordes of zombies and shit. I remember getting the first L4D with my buddy and let me tell you we were psyched for that shit. After one day of playing we played it for a few hours the next day and then did some other stuff instead of playing.

This dev studio needs to take some tips from other games releasing this year before they release some more garbage. I got L4D2 for FREE and still won't touch that shit. I got into the Evolve BETA AND got the game for free and it's still crap.

This studio is the most disappointing people. I'd rather play in Photoshop and have more fun than ANYTHING from this studio. Fuck not even Photoshop, PAINT.

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