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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[Random] GamerGate, Women in Gaming, Brianna Wu

So I have been being fed stories via my SO who reads the articles how they're laid out, about the whole GamerGate thing, which I thought was over like, two years ago but whatever, and this shitty, shitty person named Brianna Wu.

I'm going to talk about Brianna Wu first. I'm sure his name was Brian Wu first, since this person is a transgender person who had their sex changed to a woman... and then started developing a video game. Doesn't that seem the least bit fishy to anybody, since women tend to get more attention in the video gaming world than guys? Besides shits like PewDiePie and annoying shits like him. Anyway, back to the topic, this "Brianna Wu" person went and changed their gender, and produced the, quite possibly, shittiest game I have ever seen bar The WarZ. (Not to be confused with DayZ) The game centers around what seems to be disproportionate women... in space. That's it. And she said it was supposed to be a mix of Mass Effect and Heavy Rain. But from the trailer I saw, that is not the case. This is a person who has a ton of misguided notions about what women are supposed to look like in video games apparently, and this game is satiring all of that. The women in the trailer are extremely skinny with extremely large breasts, yet this person seems to stand for feminism. How? I have no idea, but apparently they do.

"Brianna Wu" got 400,000 dollars from their parents to create a video game. However, they ended up spending the money on things that were not related to video game development at all, and living quite the lavish lifestyle for gods know how long. Then, I'm assuming with maybe 20k in funds left, because that is the quality of this shit game's production value, they hired people to create this game that is an abomination of pixels and just... dear gods. Anyway, I left them a message on their Steam forum for the game as apparently it's been greenlit, but I don't know how because lolshitqualitygame, and their mods are deleting all the "hurtful" messages. I'll tell you what, if you paid me 400k I'm sure my feet could make a goddamn better game than that shit. Hell, the developers who made Divinity: Original Sin wanted 400k to make the game and they got double that from kickstarter, AND produced a fine, quality product which I'll probably make a review on here. They started from goddamn scratch. They weren't funded by rich parents and whatnot. That game is a disgrace and needs to be removed from Steam.

This "Brianna Wu" person has made threads to "harass" herself, has started her own campaign against herself on twitter to garner support from retarded people, and has done many more things in the name of  "making a video game". That thing is not a game, it's a goddamn abortion.

Now, onto the middle of my little rant here, women in gaming. Women who game, who develop games and are part of teams that create quality indie titles as well as AAA titles deserve all the best, just as much as the men do who put in their time on these games, and vice versa of course. However, people like "Brianna Wu" and the slut that pulled the GamerGate crap are the reason why people have to fight for normal stuff to happen to women in gaming, for them to be taken seriously. I'm not saying I support feminism (well, I do, but it's basest traits, i.e equal pay for women in the workforce, equal benefits for everybody, etc., etc.) but for this kind of thing to have such an effect on the gaming world in general is ridiculous. Women who are on development teams for games and stuff like that are probably looked down upon because of all of this, and they don't deserve that, because I'm sure they put in REAL work on these games. The GamerGate slut and "Brianna Wu" are not real women, who put in real work for their games. They're just riding the wave that is their "drama-filled lives" now... on all the donations they're asking for on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else too, I have no doubt. These 2 fine examples of the shittiest people on the planet are dragging game development teams down everywhere and ruining game development. Game development is about developing games that are fun for people, not about creating drama around shitty games like these things.

Onto GamerGate slut, more commonly known as Zoe Quinn. She slept with multiple developers for multiple game review websites and a game contest, and people have said that there could be more people... in her vagina. At any rate, this person used sex as a weapon to get her game, called, "Depression Quest", to win a game contest and be highly praised on multiple review websites. This is ridiculous and the people that slept with Zoe Quinn... well, I hope they got fired and are working in McDonald's across the country now, hopefully. Or just hobos. And her game name is a sack of shit, too, jesus christ. I guess men will do anything for some sex, particularly ones in the gaming industry. Just awful.

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