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Monday, February 16, 2015

[News] Hatred has made it onto Steam!

Edit 9/12/2015: Hatred turned out to be an extreme flop, and nothing like the trailer depicted. Ah well, the usual. Don't buy this game.

Hatred, the game being developed by Destructive Creations, has made it onto Steam, even though it received an AO (Adults-Only) rating! Woohoo!

Hatred was originally put on Steam's Greenlight system, which is a system meant to gauge how much the Steam community would like the game. In turn, people vote yes/no/skip on a game, and when it reaches the required number of votes, it gets approved to be added to Steam, and a release date is set. The term "release date" here is set loosely, as it usually means "Early Access access for people to buy the game in a beta/alpha state". Here's to hoping Hatred isn't riddled with bugs.

That being said, Hatred seems like a marvelous game to play and de-stress with. I sincerely hope the devs release creation tools to the community so the community can make some effed up stuff too.

Steam is host to games like Postal and Manhunt, which are in the exact same genre of games. Props to Steam for not backing down, and helping these devs achieve their dreams. Also, there have been other pretty bad examples of things. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had you act as a terrorist and shoot up an entire effing airport full of unarmed civilians. Is that worse than this game? No, but it's pretty much on par. Also, the content of Manhunt and Postal is extremely not for children, which also makes them on par with this game. Why would Steam not release this game?

Hell, there's people arguing with the topic that Hitler and his cronies didn't play video games, they weren't even around at the time. Look at all the killing Hitler did. There's absolutely no argument against this game that holds ground, at all, period. Whine all you want like a baby while I'm out killing some people in Hatred. Also, if anything, violent video games relieve stress that makes people want to kill other people, not exacerbate it.

I really hope they went balls-to-the-wall and put in a TON of ways to kill people, so it doesn't get repetitive.

You can view a trailer for the game right here:

This is going to be awesome.

Call me childish, immature, whatever you want. But people have a lot of hate towards people in their lives, and are unable to do anything about it, because, well, laws. At least now they'll be able to virtually do something about their stresses and hatefulness towards humanity and shitty people in general. I'm not saying laws are bad and shouldn't be in place, because I wouldn't like living in an anarchy-ist world, would anyone? But at least in video games we can do whatever we want, because we can. If someone had the skills to produce it, of course.

-raises glass- Here's to Hatred! May you have tons of success, Hatred dev team!

Edit 9/12/2015: Hatred turned out to be an extreme flop, and nothing like the trailer depicted. Ah well, the usual. Don't buy this game.

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