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Friday, January 30, 2015

[Random] Dying Light Dupe Bug!

So the bug that was prevalent in Dead Island, where you could "throw" your weapon as a ranged weapon to stab a zombie in the face or what-have-you. It's actually pretty decent as a moneymaker if you don't want to download a trainer from Mr.AntiFun's website, or from anywhere else and just cheat the fuck out of the game.

Honestly I was looking for a trainer that would make me undetectable so I could do night missions and stuff, but unfortunately the only trainer that does that is blocked behind a paywall sort of, so yeah. I tried Mr.AntiFun's trainer but I don't actually feel a need to cheat in this game, I just want to be not seen. Uggghflgalgahfks. Frustration!

Will probably be doing a slightly in-depth review on TUG before doing one for Dying Light, unfortunately.

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