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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Review] Dragon Age Inquisition: A Dwarf's Point of View

So Dragon Age: Inquisition is made by Bioware and is definitely going to get 2015's (2014's?) GOTY vote from me. I know the votes have already been made so I think it's going to be 2015. Anyway, I recently, albeit 3 days ago, picked up DA:I and I have just barely made it past the Hinterlands, on the urging of multiple internet sources telling me to. I seem to have outleveled a lot of the content, which isn't to my taste but all the more easier to experience the story with I suppose.

The story is one of intrigue, justice, and tons of fighting and explosions and poisons from Rogues. Oh, so much fun. I'm writing this review when I'm not even finished with the game because honestly, it's quite easy to see where the story is going, but it's definitely fun to play and definitely, at this point, a 10/10 game on my rating scale.

But I wanted to bring up an issue that is prevalent in today's society. Racism. As you're all aware, racism is something that isn't tolerated by the general public, but in some areas of the world, is still very much around. Even in the good ol' US of A there's racism, particularly in the south, but it is everywhere. DA:I definitely tackles the issue of racism hard on, but makes it a humorous gesture.

At the time of my playing, I made a Dwarf Warrior. However, little did I know that I would be the subject of many people's games as a Dwarf. The game has NPCs extremely startled that I, a Dwarf, am the Herald of Andraste (which is what your character tends to be called in the game, pretty much all the time). However, to me, Bioware has put a humorous spin on it, so instead of people calling me out for being a Dwarf, everyone expects it to be a normal Human, and are startled that it's a Dwarf and don't know what to say, which I find quite funny. However, I have to wonder what the other races' reactions are, either Human, Elf, or Qunari. I assume the Qunari would get some looks. I should try playing as that race after completing a playthrough with my Dwarf. In any case, I thought it was great how Bioware took the time to really customize the game, and really make me feel into it. It holds my attention for hours on end.

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