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Friday, November 11, 2016

Summoner's War

I fucking hate begging pricks for YT asking for access to other people's accounts:

Here's the text from the post:

Whats up guys ! I know this will look scammy as fuck but i thought I'll give it a try :) I'm a small youtuber and recently started to make some summoners war videos with my brother, maybe you have even seen a video from me being posted here. Long story short I want to do a summoning video with some more accounts like those mass summons from YDCB or JewBagel. the problem is since i don't really have a big audience noone would ask me to summon for them so I have to do it the other way around :D I just hoped that maybe I can find some people here who are willing to trust me and want to help me out in growing my channel :) If you are one of those kind souls just write me a PM so we can discuss everything :) Here is my Channel if you are interested:[removed]
btw : if this post is against the rules please tell me so i can delete it.
tl;dr: Titel says it all :P

And here's my reply:

Dude I wouldn't let Jewbagel summon on my account or anyone else. He is able to buy his own scrolls and gems on his own account, he gets hundreds of thousands of views which means he is rolling in $$$ along with every other popular SW YTer out there. All of those YTers don't need other people's accounts to do "summon shows", they make a decent bit of money. If I got as many views as any of these people you bet I'd be buying frieaking scrolls and shit out the ass for content for YT for my channel.
Just save up mystical scrolls until the end of the month and do like 1 video a month man. (minus other SW news of course I suppose) idk probably like 20 scrolls a month if you're farming DB10/GB10/NB10 or whatnot.
The reason I'm nitpicking is because it is extremely rude and crude to ask for access to other people's game accounts. Just because Youtubers do it doesn't mean random people on the internet will give you access to their accounts that they've worked on for a couple years now. We don't know you, why would we let you know our account information? For all we know you could be a korean farmer baiting for accounts and changing them when you get the information for them?
There's absolutely no point to it, I don't get it. I've seen summoning videos from other SW YTers and I'm just like what is the point? There isn't any.
Think about it. Would YOU give me your account information for a "summonfest" if you didn't know me and I was some random person on Reddit? Probably not. Especially if you were sitting on like 10k in crystals or something, I definitely wouldn't.
Sorry for being a dick, I just hate posts like this because TYPICALLY (not saying you OP, I have no evidence besides this post which is weak evidence) people who are begging for stuff like this for YT have no common sense and are used to shit being handed to them.

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