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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[News] Pikachu's A Detective?!

Hey guys, so a new game for Nintendo 3DS was announced some time ago called Great Detective Pikachu. This game revolves around a young boy, Tim, who works with a particular Pikachu who just so happens to be able to speak English (Japanese, whatever, translations) and you go around and solve crimes. Pikachu in this game is very calm and collected as a detective should be, and doesn't just hop around using electric attacks on everything.

The game involves searching areas for clues, interacting with other NPCs for information and a lot of other stuff as well.

Also, apparently Pikachu in this game has a weakness for beautiful women and apparently always pushes Tim to invite them out for tea... which totally isn't creepy at all considering Tim is like, 12 or some crap.

Here's some images in particular from the game:

Detective Agency President Mike Baker! 
High Hat Cafe master, Pablo Milan!

A courtyard Elder Trevenant.

Make sure to inspect the scenery for clues!

Looks like Tim found a clue here.

Infer and communicate with Pikachu in this screen as well.

Run some cooperative button-presses with Pikachu!

Pikachu is able to give you hints and help guide you in each detective mission.

So that's it for Great Detective Pikachu! It's due out on 2/3/2016 in the Nintendo eShop on 3DS for 1,500 yen, and you can get it for 1,200 yen if you preorder it.

Happy detectiving everyone!

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