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Friday, November 20, 2015

[Random] Fallout 4/Pre-War

So there was a small thread on ... thread... eh sure thread. On Reddit's /r/fo4 subreddit asking about if anyone else may have wanted to see more of the pre-war life in Fallout 4. Since you begin playing FO4 in the Pre-War... I guess Massachusetts? I'm.. oh yeah it's fucking Boston, fucking duh.

Anyway, I'm extremely interested in the pre-war Fallout universe. Having read the Fallout Bible which has a TON of information straight from the devs about the universe there is awesome. And reading the timeline is awesome as well. But being able to play through the events in 3rd person RPG form would be so awesome as well. Unfortunately I think that FO4 may be the closest we'll ever get to experiencing Pre-War Fallout universe.

Buy Fallout 4, it's worth your money. I'll probably have a review up sometime soonish... within the next couple of months. (New mechanical keyboard ftw)

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