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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[Random] A Tad Bit About Euro Truck 2's Multiplayer Mod

So I recently got back into playing Euro Truck 2, and decided to try to get into playing the Multiplayer mod. However it seems like I'm just playing single player on it.

The employees eventually bug out and don't earn you money.

The game doesn't let you do Quick Jobs (which are jobs where you can just pick up and drive instead of driving your own rig to a place to pick up cargo and deliver it).

The game freezes where you were when you log off and then takes out money in a lump sum from your loans to pay back the bank even though your employees aren't making money while you're offline.

To un-bug your employees you have to "drive" their truck then go back to your truck and continue your game (is the impression I got so far from the forums).

All in all, an extreme hassle. Also, nobody talks on the servers either so it's just extremely boring all around. There is also no traffic on the multiplayer servers, I.E. other cars you have to go around, etc.

Euro Truck 2 is an excellent game, and one people should play. Just don't bother with the multiplayer until it's way more developed, hopefully. Progress seems to be pretty slow on it so I don't think it will ever get that far.

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